How to navigate toxic behaviours during conflict

In a recent HR Zone piece, Joanna Chango-James offers some practical advice for dealing with conflict in the workplace.

A Better Process for Brexit.

In Quartz, Lawrence Susskind weighs in on how a problem-solving framework for negotiations could help the UK and EU get beyond positional bargaining to reach a better agreement.

FAST COMPANY: Four Productive Ways To Get Confrontational At Work

Hal Movius’ article about workplace confrontation in Fast Company Magazine shows with a little resolve and a willingness to wade into conflict rather than shrink from it, you can actually build more collaborative partnerships than you’d otherwise think. Read the full article here.

SLATE MAGAZINE: Hal Movius talks about Negotiation Theory

From Slate:

Hal Movius explains that we shouldn’t be afraid of conflict in negotiation, that it can actually produce good outcomes—but only if we can be smarter about it. I asked him to help walk me through the pitfalls and opportunities for Democrats attempting to negotiate and govern at a time when such negotiating […]

Hal Movius on the radio.

Hal Movius appeared on Vancouver radio recently to discuss confidence in the workplace. You can listen here. The discussion with Hal starts around the 23 minute mark.

Executive Leadership: Learning from Experience with The Negotitation Coach

Ever wondered how to assess your team’s negotiating capabilities?  Hal Movius describes how, in a featured Q&A column from Executive Leadership called The Negotiation Coach. […]

Ethical Negotiation: Not an Oxymoron

The Carnegie Council interviews Hal Movius and Max Bazerman on how to help negotiators behave in more ethical ways […]

Can you teach businessmen to be ethical?

[Washington Post Article] Business has gotten a bad rap for thousands of years. “The more men value money-making, the less they value virtue,” Socrates wrote. The Bible warned that a camel would sooner pass through the eye of a needle than a rich man through the gates of heaven.

Jim Coan study is #2 in Forbes most important brain science studies for 2013

[From the original article in Forbes] Putting it mildly, 2013 was an eventful year for brain science. This Top 10 list isn’t meant to be exhaustive (given how many studies are published each year, it never could be), but it’s a sturdy sampling of incredible work being conducted around the world, moving us closer to solving […]

Movius Consulting in Forbes

A new study from University of Virginia researchers supports a finding that’s been gaining science-fueled momentum in recent years: the human brain is wired to connect with others so strongly that it experiences what they experience as if it’s happening to us.

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