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The Power of Active-Constructive Responding

Psychologist John Gottman has been researching relationships for more than four decades, and in recent years the popular media have taken notice of his findings. Accounts of his work have often emphasized the four “horsemen” in communication patterns that signal trouble for marriages: criticism, defensiveness, stonewalling, and contempt. But we sometimes lose sight […]

Jim Coan on the Today Show


Movius Goes to Harvard

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Earlier this year the Harvard Program on Negotiation (PON) hosted a Teaching Negotiation Symposium, with more than 120 negotiation teachers and trainers in attendance.  Over 85% of attendees affirmed that video was a “valuable” asset in their classrooms; […]

Rebel Rebel: do juvenile delinquents make good entrepreneurs?

By Dr. Seyi Olubadewo

A juvenile justice facility might not seem the most promising place to look for future business owners.  Yet this unlikely location is exactly where several researchers on entrepreneurship have turned their attention in recent years, with surprising results.  Juvenile delinquency, it seems, predicts future entrepreneurship.

As startling as this finding may seem, […]

Built to Win – Now in Five Languages

More than 60 senior executives and government officials attended the launch party for the Hebrew version of Built to Win: Creating a World Class Negotiating Organization (Harvard Business Press), the acclaimed book by Hal Movius and Lawrence Susskind.

The event was sponsored by NEST and IDC Executive Education.

Admiral (Ret.) Eli Marum, now CEO of a major Israeli logistics company, gave a keynote address endorsing […]

New Website Uses Research to Promote Integrity in Business

A group of academics from 10 of the country’s top business schools have combined intellectual forces to launch a website, EthicalSystems.org, that aims to support ethical integrity in business by disseminating research, case studies and related content as a free public service.

Covering such topics as accounting fraud, corruption, conflicts of interest, cheating, […]

Movius Consulting in Psychology Today

In a now famous study, Coan wondered how the presence of loved ones might alter the brain’s response to threatening situations. To introduce threat, he used a threat-of-shock paradigm. While the participants lay in the neuroimaging scanner, they viewed a series of Xs and Os on a screen. When a blue O appeared, they […]

Movius Consulting’s Jim Coan on CBS Sunday Morning News

(CBS Sunday Morning News) Does the saying “A friend in need is a friend indeed” mean that a person who stands by you when you need them is a true friend? Or, does it mean that someone who needs your help is eager to prove their friendship? Either way, the latest science proves friends […]

Movius Consulting in Time Magazine

Why the Fiscal Cliff Negotiations Are More Complicated than We Think

The fiscal cliff negotiations have the feel of a major sporting event. The media largely describe the cliff as a two-party conflict, with each side having a fighter in the ring. What House Speaker John Boehner and President Obama say — and don’t say — […]

Jonathan Haidt TED Talk

Jonathan Haidt on The moral roots of liberals and conservatives (video clip)

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